The Making of Icicle Earrings

Icicle Earrings are one of my favorite designs.  I have worn the original pair for about a year.  This can be embarrassing since as a jewelry artist, one would expect that I own more than a single pair of earrings.  Because they are my favorite, I’d like to share how I create these earrings.

I start with a coil of raw silver flat wire.

Coil of silver

I cut two matching lengths of silver.

Placing the silver on a block of steel, I use my favorite hammer to add texture.

The next step is to drill two holes on either end of the textured strip of silver.

Drilling hole into silver strip

Let’s remove the burs using a file.

File burs until smooth

Next, oxidize the earring with Black Max.

I like to use an inexpensive brush to apply oxidizing chemical

Polish away excess oxidization, leaving the textured marks oxidized.

Polishing away excess Black Max

It’s progressing as planned, I’ll pick out a couple of pearls as accents.

Next, wire the accent pearls on one end of the silver strip and a french wire to the opposite end

Round nose pliers are used for this step

.Okay…..the earrings are complete!!!!

Finished Icicle Earrings with Pearl Accents

I hope you enjoyed my first blog-demo.  Just to let you know, that pretty french manicure you see in the pictures, well its a thing of the past,  manicured nails and jewelry making don’t mix!



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Hi everyone! I’m Denise.

If you’ve been following my website you may noticed some changes, for the better I hope.  I now have my own domain name, which my in house IT department (AKA my son) assures me is a good thing.  *shrug*

Anyway, I am a jewelry artist.  I enjoy making silver & gold jewelry.  Sometimes I add pearls, or diamonds, or other accents.   I usually have stories behind the pieces – like the one that I thought was so good until my son said it looked like a traffic light.  (I changed it.  It was better.)

So I plan to share these stories with you, as well as interesting happenings or technical techniques I use in fabricating many pieces.  Hope you come back to read on!

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